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Alan Parsons Project – Eye in the Sky – MOFI 2 x 180g 45RPM Vinyl

You don’t need to be ‘Old & Wise’ to know this is an absolute essential!
Mastered from the original master tapes, Mobile Fidelity’s RTI pressed 180g 45RPM 2LP and hybrid SACD versions of Eye in the Sky feature succulent warmth, magnificent balance, low-end heft, and see-through transparency that take you into the studio with Parsons at Abbey Road Studios. Each note seems perfectly placed, every sequence painstakingly considered. Boasting front-to- back depth, concert-hall-level separation, realistic presence, and bang-on accuracy, the reissues illustrate the lasting importance of perfectionist-minded engineering and recording techniques. These releases will test the capabilities of the world’s finest stereo systems. There’s more information, more texture, more nuance— more of everything to be experienced. British progressive rock would never again sound so sophisticated, suave, or steady.

Alan Parsons Project – Eye in the Sky – MOFI SACD

Mastered From The Original Master Tapes: Sacd Presents The Music’s Hallmark Smoothness, Lushness, And Detail In Reference Sound
The opening track to the Alan Parsons Project’s Eye in the Sky remains the most recognized instrumental in sports – fanfare inseparably tied with introducing NBA legend Michael Jordan and his six-time world-champion Chicago Bulls mates before games, and still used by many teams as an energy-raising prelude. Indeed, the subdued grandiosity, cosmic bluster, and lights-out wonder of “Sirius” also sets the table for the band’s smash 1982 album, whose hallmark smoothness, lushness, and balance reach epic heights on Mobile Fidelity’s reissue.

Alan Parsons Project – I Robot – Numbered Limited Edition Mofi Hybrid SACD

Perfectionism, Innovation, Complexities, and Reference-Grade Production Make Alan Parsons Project’s Conceptual I Robot a Timeless Classic: Sci-Fi Arrangements Steeped In Drama and Moodiness. More Music, More Information, More Detail, More Nuance, More Everything: Mobile Fidelity Hybrid SACD the Definitive-Sounding Digital Version of 1977 Audiophile Standard. A Demonstration Disc for the Ages: Immaculate Highs and Lows, Supreme Spaciousness, See-Through Transparency, 3D Imaging, Wider Grooves on System-Testing Disc.