We stock what we consider are some of the best tone-arm accessories available – from Oyaide, ISOkinetik and Jelco. If you have a particular requirement not listed on our website, please get in touch. The humble tone-arm plays such an important part in turntable performance, it pays to invest in the best you can afford. System matching is essential as the synergy between arm, cartridge and stylus has to be exactly right for your turntable to sound at its best.

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Acoustical Systems Arché VTA Headshell

Sets a new standard in sound quality. Full story here.

Acoustical Systems Arché VTA Headshell Offer

  • Special offer on Satin Black model
  • No other offers apply or can be used
  • Sets a new standard in sound quality. Full story here.

Audio Origami – PU7 Alloy Tonearm


The Audio Origami PU7 Alloy Tonearm is one of the finest tonearms available today.

Engineered to exacting standards, the arm is the perfect partner for high-end, low-compliance cartridges and provides a beautifully neutral conduit between your cartridge and the phono stage.

Audio Origami – PU7 Titanium Tonearm

The Audio Origami PU7 Titanium builds on the success of the renowned PU7 Alloy arm by adding extra strength and rigidity via a precision-tooled and ultra-rigid seamless titanium armtube, which delivers more accuracy and more neutrality to your vinyl playback.

DS Audio PS-001 Phono Cable

Phono cable optimised for optical cartridges
The highest quality construction throughout When using an MM or MC cartridge, the cold side of the phono cable serves only as a ground. In the case of optical cartridges however the cold side is used to supply power from the equalizer to the cartridge. Therefore, in such an application, the cold side of the cable is just as important as the signal carrying hot line. The PH-001 features identical materials and construction on both the hot and cold sides ensuring that the power supply is kept stable.

Funk Firm FX3 Tonearm

  • Cross Beam technology in a new arm design
  • Ultimate arm for high-performance turntables
  • Ideal for higher specification Linn LP12s, Michell Orbe, Technics 1200G and SP10, Roksan Xerxes recent models

Ikeda IS-2T Headshell

  • Body : Aluminum Alloy.
  • Net weight : 20 grams.
  • Attached lead wire : 6N copper.
  • Adjustment of overhang: 2 positons movable with 10 mm adjustable.
  • Adjustment of balance to left and right: Adjustable.
  • Lock pin: 2 pieces.
  • Shell terminal: Brilliant Rhodium plating. (10 times costly to gold.)
  • Lead wire terminal: Brilliant Rhodium plating. (10 times costly to gold.)
  • Connector: Made of Titanium Alloy by cutting from a solid piece.

Ikeda Isl-2 Iead Wires for Headshells

Head-shell lead wires made from 6N copper.

MCRU – The Right One Cartridge Mounting Bolts

Top quality cartridge mounting bolts set from The Right One. Each set consists of 4 pairs of bolts and pair of nuts and an allen key.
Made from stainless steel. Included in the set is a free stylus cleaning putty.

MCRU Stylus Cleaning Putty

# Simple To Use # Cleans All Stylii