To truly hear what is hidden deep inside a record’s grooves, a RCM is an absolute must. Currently, we stock MOTH and Clearaudio record cleaning machines, the Moth is the perfect level entry way to clean your vinyl mechanically, the Clearaudio is superior to the Moth.  

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Clearaudio Double Matrix SONIC record cleaning machine

The Sonic refers to a sonic option, in which sonic vibrations enable deep cleaning while being gentle and almost noisefree. Variable speed operation and static electricity removal as part of the cleaning process ensure perfect results. The cleaning of vinyl records is a key discipline in maintaining a high quality record collection and Clearaudio’s research and development team continue to strive for the perfect equipment for the job. The Double Matrix Professional Sonic is our best solution yet. Like a camera with dual automatic and manual functions, the Double Matrix Professional Sonic offers the possibility of operating the whole cleaning process at the touch of a single button, as well as the ability to control each step in the process with a user-friendly operating panel. The cleaning head automatically adapts to records of different diameters and thicknesses, and the microfiber cleaning strips are effortless to change. An LED light indicates the cleaning fluid level in the internal tank and, as an additional precaution, the suction turbine features overheating protection. Made from high quality and heavy-duty materials, the Double Matrix Professional Sonic is designed for continuous operation, so that traders can clean complete record collections. And yet it is incredibly easy to use and maintain.  

Clearaudio Smart Matrix Silent Record Cleaning Machine

Clearaudio’s ‘Matrix’ record cleaners have long been renowned for their gentle yet highly effective vacuum cleaning capabilities. Shhh… the new Smart Matrix Silent is the quietly elegant, and impressively user-friendly, successor to the brand’s earlier Smart Matrix Professional modEL. Please check with us about availability before ordering.  

Kirmuss Audio – KA-RC-1 Four Record, Ultrasonic, Vinyl Restoration System

Ultrasonic Record Washing Unit. Ultrasonic Bath Assembly. Mains Lead. Combination Carbon Fibre Brush/Parastatic Felt Brush. Anti-bacterial/Anti-Static Spray. Stylus Cleaning Kit. Microfibre Cloth. 5” (127mm) & 4" (102mm) Felt Mats. Camel Hair Brush. Rabbit Microfiber Cloth. Spare pads for one slot. User Manual. 2 Year Warranty. Not Supplied but required with the system per washing session: 6 Litres Distilled water, 40 ml Isopropanol Alcohol 70%.

Knosti Disco Antistat Record Cleaning Machine

  • Includes fluid
  • Built in drying rack
  • The world's best selling RCM

Knosti Disco Antistat Ultrasonic Record Cleaning Machine

Original price was: £1,149.00.Current price is: £840.00.
NEW - Disco-Antistat Ultrasonic - NEW
Automatic Ultrasonic Record Washing Machine
Disco-Antistat Ultrasonic - The most thorough way to wash records! Our record washing machine Disco-Antistat Ultrasonic combines over 40 years of experience in the pflege and cleaning of records with highly developed, state-of-the-art cleaning technology. The combination of ultrasonic cleaning and our proven goat hair brush system ensures gentle, groove-deep cleaning of your records and an audible improvement in the sound image. During operation, the cleaning fluid is permanently clarified by a filter system and dirt particles are filtered out to minimise impurities in the fluid and thus achieve the best possible cleaning result. Our special cleaner treats the record antistatically and thus permanently prevents renewed contamination by adhering dust. Our washer is ready for use in just a few steps and the intuitive operation ensures optimal results from the very first record!

Knosti Record Cleaning Fluid 1 Litre – Offer

Original price was: £19.95.Current price is: £10.00.
  • Specially formulated for the Knosti Record Cleaning System
  • Can be used in a spray bottle
  • Special offer (no outer box or filters included)
  • Was £19.95 now £10

MCRU Knosti Record Cleaning System

  • Complete record cleaning system
  • Includes drying rack
  • Includes 100 inner sleeves
  • Free stylus cleaning putty

Pro-Ject VC-S3 Record cleaning machine

Original price was: £499.00.Current price is: £420.00.
The new Pro-Ject VC-S3 is a new premium record cleaning machine with completely new superior features. Vinyl records need a specific maintenance. The dry brush cleaning before playing the record is good to roughly remove dust. To effectively clean the grooves you need to wet clean the record. To achieve the perfect cleaning you also need a suitable cleaning fluid. Alcoholic cleaning fluids can destroy musical micro information of the grooves. So also available is a our new eco-friendly non-alcoholic cleaning fluid called Wash it 2. The new Wash it 2 is a pre-mixed liquid, so you don‘t have to dilute the concentrate yourself anymore. This avoids accidentally using unsuitable tap water for mixing.

Tonar Wash & Dry Record Cleaning Machine

The Tonar Wash & Dry record washing machine is a simple washing machine with excellent performance. This machine is suitable for both 12 inch and 7 ″ records. The Tonar Was & Dry has a stainless steel record clamp and vacuum tube, plus an indicator on the side of the cabinet where the liquid level can be maintained. The Tonar Wash & Dry comes complete with high-quality plastic record brush with goat hair and concentrate for a liter of cleaning fluid and a dust cover.