Benz Micro phono cartridges have been in production since the 1980s, earning a reputation throughout the world as one the top brands in the field. Ernst Benz, founder and designer of the original Benz-Micro cartridges, retired in 1994 and sold the cartridge production operation to Albert Lukaschek, his close associate and designer of the Benz-Micro PP-1 phono stage. In 2000, Albert relocated and modernized the factory, employed a highly-skilled workforce, introduced many new models, and expanded OEM cartridge manufacturing.

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Benz Gullwing Ref S Low Output Moving Coil Cartridge

The Benz Micro S Class furthers the performance, selection and value of the Benz Micro line.
The continued evolution of the Benz Micro cartridge line and the culmination of years of research and manufacturing refinements, the S Class incorporates new materials, advancements in moving coil and suspension design, and upgraded styli on the Benz Swiss hand-made moving coils


Available in Low, medium and high output versions The Benz Wood-bodied cartridges have incredible warmth combined with excellent detail and resolution. The new S-Series incorporates improved generators using new coil windings and refined pole pieces/damper designs along with an improved stylus/cantilever. The Wood-S is pure musicality. Highly recommended!

Benz Micro Ace S MC Cartridge

# Swiss Precision # Multiple Award Winner # Choice of Output

Benz Micro CF Special Edition Cartridge

Original price was: £795.00.Current price is: £595.00.
The classic Benz Micro hand made phono cartridges from Switzerland. In stock.
The continued evolution of the Benz Micro cartridge line and the culmination of years of research and manufacturing refinements.


A Benz Micro classic, the Ebony H and Ebony TR cartridges have been re-introduced for a very limited production run. The Ebony body, cross-coil models include the Ebony H and Ebony TR, both featuring Micro Ridge or MR stylus. The ultimate high-output moving coil, the Ebony H shares the same Ebody body as the Benz Micro LP S MR, and is used with MM type phono stages and a 47kohm input impedance. The Ebony TR is designed for use with a Step Up Transformer (SUT), featuring a .1mV output and a coil impedance of less than 5 ohms.

Benz Micro Glider Cartridge

# Swiss Precision # Multiple Award Winner # Choice of Output

Benz Micro Gold MC Phono Cartridge

# Swiss Precision # In Stock # 0.4Mv Output

Benz Micro Gullwing SHR Cartridge

The Gullwing is a hybrid of the LP S class, Ruby and Glider cartridges.

Benz Micro Gullwing SLR MC Cartridge

  • The Benz Micro Gullwing is a hybrid of the LP S class, Ruby, and Glider phono cartridges.
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Benz Micro LP-S MC Cartridge

  • One of the best cartridges you can buy
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Benz Micro Lukascheck PP1 MC Transformer (with RIAA Equalizer)

The small size of the PP-1 allows close placement to the turntable, minimising signal leads from the tonearm. The whole power supply is inboard the PP-1 chassis except for an external power transformer, which is outboard to eliminate magnetic field interaction. The miniature size of the PP-1 allows all circuit components to be very close to one another. This significantly reduces circuit board traces, which could introduce noise and sonic degradation. The PP-1 is optimised for moving coil amplification, thus does not provide switches and or jumpers for gain setting or resistive loading. This elimination of unneeded circuit junction points preserves the low noise/high performance characteristics of this superb phono preamp.

Benz Micro Ruby Z Cartridge

Ruby Z upgrades this famous model to full “S Class” status. It features the new Zebra wood body, second only to Ebony for its resonance characteristics, offering bass weight and pitch definition, midrange linearity and high frequency clarity with a natural musicality. The new Micro Ridge stylus is featured, providing enhanced tracking, resolution and groove integrity. The generator is based on the Ruby square plate and output is .35mV.  The Ruby Z low output is best used with phono stages offering greater than 60dB gain, loaded at 400 ohms or higher. The Ruby Zebra cartridge weighs only 10.6 grams, making it ideal for a wide range of tonearms, including today’s state-of-the-art, and vintage models lacking the energy control, bearing designs, or counter-weight range.