These are the best mains cables, extension blocks, interconnects and speaker cables we make. All together for you to browse through. All these cables are hand assembled in our workshops and have been researched over many years using the best available materials with painstaking adherence to detail to bring you the best performing cables we can produce.

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MCRU The Ultimate Balanced XLR Cables

Pure 5N silver conductors with Furutechs top of the range carbon fibre XLR connectors.

The MCRU Ultimate In Line DC Blocker

Designed in the UK, the MCRU is a tried and tested design able to improve sound quality by removing harmful DC from your mains, reduce transformer hum from your system, proven by existing customer feedback. New model with in-line capability, simply plug your existing power cable into the unit and plug the other end to your equipment.

The MCRU Ultimate Mains Lead MK6

  • New 2023 design
  • Furutech NCF Connectors
  • Hi-Fi Tuning Supreme3 Diamond Fuse
  • Developed with Puritan Audio Labs

The MCRU Ultimate Mains Lead MKV

  • New 2019 design
  • 5.6mm2 conductors
  • Quantum technology
  • Filtered plug and IEC
  • Carbon braiding
  • SR Orange fuse

The Ultimate Digital Cable

  • Single crystal pure silver
  • 1 metre standard length
  • Longer lengths available

The Ultimate Interconnects

  • Japanese pure silver conductors
  • Pure silver RCA connectors
  • Carbon infused sleeving