We have found Black Rhodium to provide the best value for money when upgrading your I-Pod or mp3 cable. Furutech and Oyaide cables are also available to order.

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Black Rhodium Rhythm MusicLink Cable

Audiophile-grade interconnect cable for I-Pods and mp3 players; 1metre pair.
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Black Rhodium Symphony 3.5mm Jack Cable

The Symphony range offers impeccable quality with convenience, with audiophile-grade parts used throughout. Standard 1.5 metre length.
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MCRU Audio Grade Kimber DC Power Cable

  • Kimber cable from the USA
  • Oyaide gold plated DC plugs
  • Audio note 6% silver solder
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Nordost Vidar Cable Burn In Service

Cable burn in service with our Nordost Vidar machine, hear the difference or your money back.
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