A range of balanced cables which generally give a better sound than standard un-balanced (RCA) types.

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Black Rhodium Cantata DCT++ CS Stereo Interconnects

Black Rhodium's Best Interconnect – and how! Now even better! XLR or RCA connectors. Product data sheet is here.

Black Rhodium Opera DCT ++ CS Stereo Interconnects

Deep Cryogenically Treated, Pure Silver Interconnect providing excellent performance. One metre in length as standard.

Black Rhodium Sonata VS1 Stereo Interconnects

Addressing distortion has become serious with these interconnect cables. Hi-Fi Choice 5 stars and a recommended badge. Sold in various lengths starting at a 0.5 metre stereo pair. RCA and XLR versions available. Hi-Fi Choice review here.

Furutech Audio Reference III XLR High End Performance Audio Interconnect Pair

Top of the line double-shielded α (Alpha)-OCC conductor interconnects, power cords and digital cables featuring extraordinary build quality and Formula GC-303 antimagnetic EMI-absorbent modules surrounding the cable offering greater resolution, more powerful dynamics, and virtuoso performances from all your components.

LAB12 XLR1 Analog XLR Interconnect

Connection series XLR analogue interconnect by Lab12
Standard Length - 1m
Additional Length - 1.5m

MCRU Audiophile XLR Cables – Belden 8402 – Silver Plated Neutrik XLR’s

A quality pair of balanced XLR cables constructed from Belden 8402 cable and terminated with Neutrik silver plated XLR connectors, we only use the best.
Top performance guaranteed, soldered using hifi tuning of germany 9.5% silver solder.
The cables are sheathed in our acoustic braiding and standard length is a 1 metre pair.

MCRU No. 22 Pure Silver XLR Cables

# 99.99% Pure Silver # Air Dielectric # Fully Balanced

MCRU No. 24 Pure Silver Balanced XLR Cable

  • 99.999% pure silver conductors
  • Fully balanced design
  • Shielded against RFI

MCRU No. 75 XLR Cables

  • Shielded and screened cable
  • Furutech XLR connectors
  • Lengths from 0.5 metres

MCRU Pinnacle XLR Cables (Pair)

The MCRU Pinnacle XLR Cables
As one of the UK's leading cable makers MCRU know a thing or two about what makes a good wire! We have heard 100's of different designs and our research and development is relentless in the quest to make the best sounding cables we can. The Pinnacle range is our idea of the best sounding cables based on 40+ years experience listening to music in the home. We use the best available materials in our search for the finest performance possible from your hi-fi system.

MCRU The Ultimate Balanced XLR Cables

Pure 5N silver conductors with Furutechs top of the range carbon fibre XLR connectors.

SLiC Innovations MKIII XLR Cables

  • SLiC Innovations Cable
  • Xhadow XLR Connectors
  • The Ultimate XLR Cable