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LAB12 HPA OTL Tube Headphone Amplifier – Preamplifier – USB DAC

This is where it all started for the Lab12. Our love for music and high-end audio was our first and foremost challenge, explored years back throughout the headphone pre-amplifier. Dealing with the fragile signal and transforming it into the true high-end potent audio headphone amplifier is not the task, that everyone dares to explore. Full Review Here


When the musical vibrancy and sparkling audio energy are properly in harmony, only then can a pure Class A tube preamplifier deliver unsurpassed sonic performance.


True was designed as a mighty and potent passive high-end audio hub with multiple inputs and ultra transparent, yet musical volume control. As all Lab12 products, the true also comes with the choice of multiple luxury paint finishes.
Mono and Stereo Review...Click here to read

Phasemation CA-1000 Pre Amplifier (3 Units)

Functions required for a control amplifier (pre-amplifier) are to select a signal source, to adjust the volume, and to transmit a music signal for a power amplifier. Phasemation’s CA-1000 is an outstanding control pre-amplifier consisting of 3  units with high performance and high quality of sound due to adopting the mono structure consisting of separated two units, left and right, and the circuit using a tube for the signal processing section. The most important section of the audio playing equipment is the volume adjustment adopting a hybrid attenuator (Phasemation’s own patent technology) and the relay switching method (not using a rotary switch) utilizing the control technology acquired through extensive measurements and testing. As a result, you can feel the overwhelming liveliness, the re-creation of vista-ed stage, and a rich musicality to the point you are no longer aware of the presence of the amplifier.

Phasemation CM-2000 Passive Control Amplifier

A hybrid passive attenuator for a balanced input/output of an innovated volume control mechanism that is improved even more draws out the music’s reality and the artist’s passion

PS Audio BHK Signature Pre-Amplifier

Designed by Bascom H. King, the BHK Signature distills Bascom’s 50 plus years of high-end audio design experience into a single masterpiece of audio amplification. “This is the best sounding preamplifier I have ever designed or heard,” and that’s saying a lot for a man of Bascom’s experience.



Thivan Labs Grand Pre-amplifier Anniversary

DL-50 is one of those special product lines associated with ThivanLabs’ 10 years of research and development. On the completion of its engineering process, the DL-50 Anniversary edition encompasses all research achievements from over the past 10 years’ testing and technical refinement to achieve best sound balance and details. Remote included  

Thivan Labs P10 Valve Phono Preamplifier

P10 is a specialised Preamplifier for Phono with outstanding features:
- Use the entire Tube lamp for the amplifiers 2 x 12AX7, 1 x 12AU7, 1 x 6SN7 - ZERO FEEDBACK - no feedback to bring the best dynamic and music

Thivan Labs X10 Anniversary Preamplifier

X10 Anniversary Preamplifier is one of the preamp versions of ThivanLabs’ 10th anniversary product line. This is an upgrade of ThivanLabs’ successful Pre X10 after 5 years in the launch. This preamp lamp product is sold at a reasonable price but it possesses all the technical advances of the high-end pre line and successful technical modifications of previous Preamp products.

Townshend Audio Allegri Reference Preamplifier

The Allegri Reference is a microprocessor-controlled, passive, autotransformer volume control (AVC) pre-amplifier. Ideally suited for both the discerning home hi-fi enthusiast and the professional user. Wired through-out with Townshend’s proprietary Fractal™ cable, with full remote control, with a detailed and clear LED display and the latest Seismic Isolation. Designed with the goal of absolute signal purity, it is the optimum solution for the heart of your system. It is exactly what every audio enthusiast has been waiting for.  

Townshend Audio Allegri+ Pre-amplifier

  • The Allegri+ Passive Autotransformer preamp is exceptionally transparent, has absolutely no noise and has enormously wide bandwidth.
It has vanishingly low distortion, very powerful and deep bass and amazing drive throughout the audio band. Treble is crystal clear with not a hint of hardness or brashness. It just sounds right!