With many audiophiles using computers to play their music MCRU have embraced this technology and have a full range of PC Audio components to satisfy audiophiles. From complete novices upwards we have the knowledge and expertise in computer audio to guide you through the maze and help you choose the right equipment for you hifi system.

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Best Audiophile Male Voices XRCD

What is XRCD? Basically once you have heard it you will be buying as many as you can find!
XRCD is short for extended resolution compact disc. Sound quality has to be heard to be believed. One of the best range of optical discs ever invented in our opinion. We have a wide selection of titles please inquire for a list.

Bob Dylan – Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid Hybrid SACD

Mastered from the original master tapes on Mobile Fidelity's world-renowned mastering system, and strictly limited to 2,500 numbered copies, this hybrid SACD features reference-level instrumental separation and full-bodied tones that allow the songs to blossom amidst soundstages whose dimensions are limited only by the breadth of your stereo system. The flinty, raw acoustic edge of Dylan and Bruce Langhorne's guitars come into immediate relief. Booker T. Jones' relaxed albeit taut bass, Jolly Roger's down-home banjo, Russ Kunkel's textured bongos, and the crucial string accompaniments similarly flourish.

CAD USB Filter

The new CAD USB Filter replaces the USB I cable. The Filter employs the same patented filter technology, developed in-house by Scott Berry, as used in the new USB II-R cable. The CAD Audio USB Cables are optimised specifically for audio use in conjunction with a USB Digital to Analogue Converter.

Clarus Audio Crimson USB Cable – Clearance Special

Original price was: £850.00.Current price is: £450.00.
Clarus Audio Crimson USB Cable
2 metres A-B never used.

Denon DCD-A110 Limited 110th Anniversary Edition CD Player

Original price was: £3,100.00.Current price is: £2,250.00.
Taken in part exchange as new condition, boxed.
Celebrate 110 years of defining audio excellence with the masterfully crafted Denon limited series Anniversary Edition silver graphite SACD player, the DCD-A110.
AL32 Processing Advanced S.V.H. Mechanism Reduced vibration Minimized circuitry paths High-grade components 110th anniversary edition

Enacom CSS-1 Tuning CD

The Enacom Tuning CD, the first of its kind in the world, is an unprecedented new advance in sound designed to work in concert with the Speaker Enacom.

Ex-Dem LAB12 DAC1 Reference

Original price was: £2,795.00.Current price is: £1,800.00.
  • 1 unit ex-dem in silver
  • Full warranty
  • Input Sampling Rate up to 24bit/192 kHz
  • Non Oversampling mode
  • 8x Multibit Philips DACs network
  • 2x Dual Triodes tubes I/V analog output stage
  • 6 Separate Regulated Power Supplies
  • Analog retro Nissei VU meters
  • 6mm Aluminium face panel
  • Five Years Guarantee

Ex-Dem Mytek Liberty DAC II – MQA Certified Dac and Headphone Amplifier

Original price was: £1,295.00.Current price is: £840.00.
1 only ex-dem with all packaging Liberty DAC is the Mytek most affordable, yet exceptional, PCM/MQA/DSD USB2 DAC designed for high quality music playback and monitoring of all digital audio formats including all high resolution formats. The DAC features several digital inputs, digital volume control and unbalanced as well as balanced audio outputs and a high performance headphone amplifier. Designed as a little brother of Brooklyn DAC, Liberty DAC provides robust performance in small portable 1/3 rack package.

Exogal Comet DAC

  • Oh no not another DAC!
  • This is different
  • You need to hear it
  • Remote APP is here
  • User manual here
  • Windows driver here
  • Good review here
  • Another review here

Fidata HFAS1 Network Music Server

  • Engineered for high end systems
  • Product catalogue here
  • Set up guide here

Fidata HFAS1-XS20U Network Audio Music Server

  • Japanese engineering at its best
  • Sound quality un-surpassed
  • Read the developers notes here
  • MCRU recommended product