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Black Rhodium Rondo 75 ohm Digital Cable

# True 75 ohm Cable # Gold Plated RCA's # RCA or BNC

MCRU Audiophile Mains Power Lead – Furutech FP-TCS21

MCRU Audiophile Mains Power Lead
MCRU offcuts power leads, we have end of reel/offcuts of mains cable on a regular basis, we have begun to construct these into high end power leads to offer our customers top performance at a bargain price.
This model uses Furutech FP-TCS21 triple C copper with active earth shield terminated with Neotech's high end IEC connector and Schuko plug both rhodium plated.
The power lead is 1.6 metres long.

MCRU No. 22 Pure Silver XLR Cables

# 99.99% Pure Silver # Air Dielectric # Fully Balanced

MCRU No. 83 DIY Mains Lead Set

  • MS HD Power Pure Copper Mains Plug
  • MS HD Power Copper IEC Connector
  • LAPP Olflex Classic 2.5mm Sq Cable
  • Gold Plated 13 Amp Bussmann Fuse

SLiC Innovations Eclipse C Mk II Ethernet Cable

One small step for SLiC, one giant step for cable design. Digital audio comes of age with the SLiC ethernet cable with the new MK II Ethernet CAable. No signal loss regardless of length.

Supra Lo-Rad EU (Schuko) Mains Power Lead

Using Supras 2.5mm Lo-Rad cable terminated with gold plated EU schuko plug and Supra IEC. 1 metre long as standard.

Supra LoRad MKII UK Mains Power Lead

  • Gold plated supra mains plug
  • Gold plated supra IEC connector
  • LoRad MKII cable

Tellurium Q Black Diamond Speaker Cables

  • TQ's Best Cables
  • Demo Sets In Stock
  • Surpasses Graphites

Tellurium Q Black DIN Interconnect Cable for NAIM

  • Developed with 5 pin DIN cable for customer with NAIM
  • Incredible upgrade for your system
  • Pay less and get more

Tellurium Q Black II 5 Pin Din to 5 Pin Din Audio Interconnect

The original Black cables series by Tellurium Q were a multi-award-winning range, but Tellurium decided that to overhaul the whole series. The result is the Black II range, an upgrade on what were already exceptional cables, but delivered at the same price as the previous generation. This product is the new version of the Black 5 Pin Din to 5 Pin Din cable. It has been created specifically with Naim systems in mind, and has received rave reviews from existing and new Naim owners.

Tellurium Q Black II Speaker Cables

So why Black II? Despite Black winning multiple awards, surprising owners with it’s performance and more people than ever choosing to use it in their systems? We have been learning and developing, especially in the last few years and have come up with a way to make this little gem even better. The only thing to do was to give it to our customers. Switch Black for Black II and it is completely obvious which is which. Once you hear the difference, it is also completely obvious why we felt compelled to upgrade Black in the way that we have. We think you will get more from your music and hope that you love Black II as much as we do.