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Audiophile DC Power Cable – GX16-2 Connector

  • GX16-2 aviation plug
  • Oyaide gold plated dc plug
  • UP-OCC, Kimber or Silver cable

Black Rhodium Libra MCRU SE Power Lead for Australia, NZ

  • Kaiser AUS Mains Plug
  • MCRU internal filtering
  • Review here

Black Rhodium TITAN Mains Power Lead

  • Choice of plugs
  • UK, EU, AUS, USA
  • Information sheet here


For owners of the HDPLEX linear power supply we have constructed an audiophile DC cable terminated with Furutech gold plated XLR connector and Oyaide audio grade gold plated DC plug, 2.5mm centre hole diameter.

Fidata Hfu2 USB Cable

  • Japanese craftsmanship
  • Audiophile specification
  • Review here

Gutwire USBe1 USB Cable

  • Conductors: Solid Core High Purity Oxygen Free Copper
  • Conductor Gauge: 20 AWG X 4
  • Insulation: Dupont TEFLON
  • Shielding Type: Copper Braided Shielding
  • USB Shell: Beryllium Copper (BeCu)
  • Pin: Gold Plated 4N Copper
  • Termination: Crimping
  • 1.2 metres long

MCRU Audio Grade Kimber DC Power Cable

  • Kimber cable from the USA
  • Oyaide gold plated DC plugs
  • Audio note 6% silver solder

MCRU Audiophile Grade Pure Silver DC Power Cable Furutech XLR

Pure silver sleeved in PTFE and covered with protective polyester braiding. 1 metre long as standard.

MCRU Australian Asylum Power Cord

  • Kaiser Silver Plated AUS mains plug
  • MCRU Ref, Silver Plated IEC connector
  • Belden 19364 Cable

MCRU Australian DIY Power Lead Set

  • Kaiser AUS mains plug
  • Schurter IEC connector
  • LAPP Olflex Classic cable