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Black Rhodium Sonata VS1 Stereo Interconnects

Addressing distortion has become serious with these interconnect cables. Hi-Fi Choice 5 stars and a recommended badge. Sold in various lengths starting at a 0.5 metre stereo pair. RCA and XLR versions available. Hi-Fi Choice review here.

Ex-Dem Tellurium Q Statement Loudspeaker Cables

  • 1 pair ex-dem with locking banana plugs
  • 3 metre stereo pair
  • Mk 1 Statement Speaker Cable

Ex-Dem Tellurium Q Statement RCA Interconnects

  • 1 pair ex-dem
  • mint condition
  • 1 metre pair

LAB12 PH1 Analogue Phono Interconnect

Analog phono interconnect cable by Lab12
Standard Length - 1m
Additional Length - 1.5m

LAB12 RCA1 Analogue RCA Interconnect

Connection Series Analogue RCA interconnect by Lab12
Standard Length - 1m
Additional Length - 1.5m

LAB12 XLR1 Analog XLR Interconnect

Connection series XLR analogue interconnect by Lab12
Standard Length - 1m
Additional Length - 1.5m

MCRU NNC RCA Interconnects

Designed and manufactured in our Yorkshire workshops, the NNC (no name cable) range has now been extended with this new RCA interconnect. Made to our own design and featuring Furutech locking RCA connectors we have established a new benchmark in high end cabling, the popularity of the NNC mains lead has proven this.
Just listen and be amazed, we are!

MCRU No. 75 XLR Cables

  • Shielded and screened cable
  • Furutech XLR connectors
  • Lengths from 0.5 metres

MCRU No.71 RCA Stereo Interconnects

  • Single crystal 99.9999% pure silver
  • Pure Silver RCA connectors
  • Audio Note 6% Silver Solder

MCRU Pure Silver Phono Leads for Turntables

Please note there is a serious amount of silver wire in these cables, they are soldered using Audio Note 6% silver solder.

MCRU Pure Silver Semi-Balanced Interconnect

The cable is terminated with quality Neutrik silver plated XLR connectors and KLE Eichmann harmoney silver plated RCA plugs.

MCRU Silver RCA Interconnects

Introduced after requests from customers for an interconnect with pure silver wiring, hand made in our Yorkshire workshops. Our cables are trialled extensively on our reference system prior to being released. We can hear instantly if one cable sounds better than another, this model will reveal hidden details in all your recordings, analogue or digital the results are the same.