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Black Rhodium Harmony Stereo Interconnects

HARMONY is a new stereo interconnect cable designed to achieve high sound quality by using the latest Black Rhodium high end cable technology.

Black Rhodium Polka Classic Speaker Cables – 3 Metre Pair

  • 1 x 3 mtr pair to clear
  • was £1500 now under £1000
  • new with box

Black Rhodium Samba MCRU Special Edition Speaker Cables

  • Award winning design
  • Silver plated OF copper
  • Silicone insulation

MCRU Ultimate MKIII Loudspeaker Cables

  • MK3 design using the best materials
  • Furutech cryo treated connectors
  • Shielded cable to prevent RFI
  • Japanese made quality cable
  • HiFi Pig Review Here
  • Hi-Fi Choice Review Here

Supra EFF-ISL Stereo Interconnects

The Supra EFF-ISL is a Supra bestseller when it comes to high end signal cables. EFF stands for "Equalized Frequency Flow technique", and ISL is how the cables is used eg. RCA  plugs. One of the unique characteristics of these cables is the way they handle sound. They are very transparent and you get all the details in your sound, without any impact in the sound you here. Many other cables have a tendency to make the sound darker or lighter, but here your get all natural sound in the whole frequency range. Only the mighty Supra Sword ISL cable is better than this one in Supras line-up. But then the price is much higher, so with the EFF-I you get a lot for your money.

Supra EFF-IXLR Interconnects

The Supra EFF-IXLR is a Supra bestseller when it comes to high end signal cables. EFF stands for "Equalized Frequency Flow technique", and IXLR is how the cables is used eg. XLR Connectors. Supra EFF-I in balanced mode equipped with our Supra XLR patented fully shielded connectors designed for long service life in professional use. The connector features a durable clamping force cable strain relief integrated in the housing and the XLR standard quick lock fastener with button release for chassis mount. Suitable for use in any balanced transmissions from mid-/high-end home audio to pro-studio. Simply the second best analogue interconnect cable we offer.

Tellurium Q Silver Diamond RCA Interconnects

  • No technical hyperbole
  • No bold claims
  • Just listen

Tellurium Q Silver Diamond Speaker Cables

A very high quality product. Not cheap but then this kind of thing never is.The sound quality is pretty much what I expected - they just take care of this part of the system. One thing though , they're bigger than they look in the picture but still manageable. Delighted. Mr Steve Blake NOV 15

Tellurium Q Silver Diamond XLR Balanced Cables

  • A true high end balanced cable
  • Staggering amounts of detail
  • Tellurium Q's best cable yet
  • 1 metre as standard

Tellurium Q Ultra Black Speaker Cables

The Tellurium Q Ultra Black Speaker Cable is in a league of it’s own.