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Fidata HFLC Lan Cable

These Cat 6A LAN cables, which are designed specifically for use in audio applications, feature an MFP8 RJ45 shielded, gold-plated plug by Telegärtner Japan Limited.

LAB12 USB1 Digital Interconnect

Connection series USB cable by Lab12 £485 I Metre £115 extra half metre

Mains Cables R Us No.14 Mains Lead

Belden 19364 cable, silver plated mains plug and Martin Kaiser IEC connector, 1 metre long as standard. Also available with Schuko plug.

MCRU Audiophile Grounding Cable

If you are suffering from hum or buzz in your system or just need a simple grounding cable we have available our standard design with spade connectors each end and a ferrite ring fitted to stop the cable acting as an aerial (RFI)
Standard length is 0.5 metres, longer lengths can be ordered using the drop down menu.

MCRU Audiophile Mains Lead for WiiM Amplifier

Built in our workshops in the heart of Yorkshire, a new mains power lead designed for the new WiiM Amplifier and Streamer.
The Wiim Amp uses a C7 (Fig.8) connector, we have designed the cable around black rhodium mains cable which uses silicone insulation and is one of their top selling cables.
Terminated with our silver plated reference UK mains plug fitted with our bespoke internal filtering system and finally fitted with a silver plated 5 amp fuse.
Top performance guaranteed.

MCRU No. 1 Mains Power Extension Hub

  • Furutech’s new silver plated mains plug
  • 5.5mm² cable conductor diameter
  • Synergistic Research Orange Fuse
  • 4-6-8 way available

MCRU No. 1 Mains Power Extension Hub – Schuko EU Sockets

  • Neotech gold plated Schuko plug
  • 5.5mm² cable conductor diameter
  • Silver plated internal rails
  • 4-6-8 way available

MCRU No. 3 BNC Digital Cable

  • Gold plated audio grade BNC connectors
  • Silver plated copper conductor
  • Tightly woven outer braided screen

MCRU No. 61 DIY RCA Interconnects Kit

MCRU No. 61 DIY RCA Interconnects Kit Top performance guaranteed from this audiophile quality DIY set which has all the components included to construct your very own pair of stereo interconnects. Van damme shielded cable with silver plated conductors, silver plated RCA connectors and a length of silver solder. The set also includes black polyester braided sleeving to put on the outside of the cable and some heatshrink sleeving to seal the ends

MCRU No. 79 Mains Power Extension Hub

  • Silver plated internal rails
  • Bespoke internal filtering
  • 7N DUCC copper cabling
  • Silver plated UK plug
  • HFT audiophile fuse

MCRU NWAS DIY Mains Block Set

Overstocks from the recent north west audio show, a 6 gang mains block with 1 metre of lapp olflex classic 2.5mm shielded cable and a uk mains plug fitted with a 13a silver plated fuse. This is a DIY set so you will need to wire it up yourself.

MeiCord Onyx optical Toslink cable

Onyx …Light up your Sound !
Outstanding performance is the hallmark of the MeiCord "Onyx" optical Toslink cable developed and manufactured in Germany. The 5-fold polished and refined front surface of the optical fibre ensures perfect coupling and decoupling and in turn minimal light interference at the transmitter and receiver.