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Connected Fidelity – RF Blocker

A wide-band radio frequency filter that increases audio fidelity. The connected-fidelity™ “RF Blocker” is a simple to fit radio frequency (RF) filter array. It is supplied in pairs and there are three connection options – banana and spade terminals, or bare wires. They simply fit across the loudspeaker + and - input terminals (or amplifier loudspeaker outputs).

MCRU Pinnacle Loudspeaker Cables

  • Based on 30+ years experience
  • Our best speaker cables
  • This is not just "another" speaker cable
  • Get one step closer to the live sound
The MCRU Pinnacle Loudspeaker Cable is our latest creation for audiophiles who want the best. Cable doubters and internet trolls look away, we make some of the best mains leads in the industry, proven by returning customers and countless positive feedbacks.