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Black Ravioli Grounding Box

  • Special offer while stocks last
  • USB | RCA | HDMI available
  • Simply plug into a spare socket on your chosen device (streamer/dac/phono amp etc).
The unit works as a grounding solution draining away spurious energy to improve sound quality.
Was £499 Now £250

Black Rhodium Cantata DCT++ CS Stereo Interconnects

Black Rhodium's Best Interconnect – and how! Now even better! XLR or RCA connectors. Product data sheet is here.

Black Rhodium Sonata VS1 Stereo Interconnects

Addressing distortion has become serious with these interconnect cables. Hi-Fi Choice 5 stars and a recommended badge. Sold in various lengths starting at a 0.5 metre stereo pair. RCA and XLR versions available. Hi-Fi Choice review here.