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Lumin D2 – Revamping the Popular D1 Music Server

Lumin D2

In December 2015, we wrote about the D1 music server from Hong Kong based Lumin. In contrast to the popular A1 network audio streamer, which was created to provide the best music streaming source possible, no matter what the cost, the aim for the D1 player was to create a product with considerably reduced costs, without compromising on playback quality. Despite our fears, we were delighted that the D1 music server more than delivered on its promise. Two years on, we’ve welcomed the release of the Lumin D2 music server.

Whilst the original D1 player was very successful, Lumin were not completely satisfied. The result of this is the new D2 music server, which features several upgrades when compared with the original model.

So what’s different about the Lumin D2 music server?

When designing the D1 player, to cut down the costs, Lumin worked hard to identify which elements of the A1 network audio streamer were least important to the build. In creating the new D2 model, costs have still been cut down compared with the high-end A1, however, a number of tweaks have been carried out to improve the overall performance of the player:

  • The processor is faster
    To work towards removing any minute level of digital harshness, the D2 incorporates a considerably faster processor than its predecessor. This allows for Direct Stream Digital (DSD) capabilities of DSD128, providing a signal that is as close to analogue as possible, completely free of any digital signal distortion.
  • Revamped electronics
    As well as replacing the processor in the D1, Lumin also took a second look at the general electronics and circuit board, making some edits to the layout to improve performance and work to eliminate lower signal distortions.
  • Improved construction
    To house the new and improved power supply, the chassis has been enlarged and revamped.
  • More aesthetic choice
    In addition to the raw brushed aluminium finish of the D1 player, D2 is also available in a smart, anodised black aluminium finish.

Like the D1, the Lumin D2 provides effortless and seamless playback for a wide range of audio file formats, from DSD lossless, to FLAC, Apple lossless. WAV and even compressed audio such as MP3 and AAC. Understandably, the higher res files produce the best results for your listening pleasure, but the improved processing speed and electronics mean that there is a noticeable difference in all audio file formats.

Why Lumin?

Lumin D2 appLumin hardware is excellent, particularly given the improvements in the D2, however, you could certainly argue that it’s Lumin’s continued programme of software updates and refinements that set them aside from the competition. All Lumin products are designed for full software and firmware updates, so new features can be


available without extra cost.

The Lumin dedicated iPad app is a perfect example of this commitment to software; whilst some apps can be overly complicated to the point of distracting from your listening experience, the Lumin app is visually aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate. Following the latest software update, Tidal hi res music streaming is now available via the app (providing you have a subscription of course).

The verdict?

When we first experienced the D1 music server, we were taken aback by the performance of the product considering its relatively low price-point. The sound quality created by this player certainly exceeds what we would normally come to expect from an entry level music server. However, the differences between the D1 and D2 models are certainly apparent – the revamped electronics and processor make for an even warmer and more natural musicality than before.

If you would like to talk about the Lumin D2 music server in more detail, please feel free to call 01484 538 438, or visit MCRU at No 9 Brook Street, Huddersfield, HD1 1EB.