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PS Audio Perfectwave

Founded in 1973 by audio designers Paul McGowan and Stan Warren in Santa Maria, California, PS Audio has been crafting high-end home music reproduction systems for over 40 years. Now based in Boulder, Colorado, PS Audio continue to use their extensive experience to engineer all products in-house, creating state of the art, high-end and high-value sound reproduction systems that are shipped to customers all over the world.

Whilst their values and love for music and high-end audio remain the same, PS Audio continually move with the times, using the very latest design and evaluation tools available to produce the highest value music products for audiophiles worldwide.

At MCRU, we are proud to supply a range of PS Audio products, including audio components, power components and high-end cables.

BHK Signature Pre-Amplifier

PS Audio

If your audio system is made up of a number of different sources of music, i.e. CD players, DACs, Turntables and Tuners, a pre-amplifier plays an essential role, providing control and isolation for seamless input switching. The challenge of the pre-amp is to keep the music playback as pure as possible – the BHK Signature, designed by Bascom H. King, does this with aplomb. Click here to learn more.

BHK 300 Signature Mono Amplifiers

BHK 300 Signature Mono Amplifiers

If you have ever wished for the highest quality stereo amplifiers in the world but were prevented by a six-figure price, PS Audio BHK 300 Signature Mono Amplifiers provide just that, unrivalled in performance but with a friendlier price tag than practically any other similar product on the market. The richness of sound and sheer musicality of this amplifier is truly astonishing. Click here to learn more.

Directstream DAC

PS Audio Directstream DAC


The Directstream DAC needs no introduction, having previously been named Stereophile and Absolute Sound’s product of the year. This handwritten digital to analogue converter unit finds the lost details hiding in your digital audio files and outputs pure analogue to your pre-amplifier or amplifier. Directstream DAC allows you to appreciate all of the nuances hidden deep within your music, no matter how subtle they are. Listening to your digital files will be like listening to a first analogue playback at a recording studio. Click here to learn more.

Perfectwave P5 Power Plant

PS Audio Perfectwave

Your power source is the foundation that you build your audio system on. The Perfectwave P5 Power Plant is a hard working unit that performs much more effectively than many larger units. With a Perfectwave P5 in your arsenal, you can forget about the old days where your music sounded better at night time or during the day, but not so great in the evenings when so many people are using their mains supply. The P5 takes in AC from your mains and uses an A/B power amplifier to generate new, low distortion AC, ensuring that your tunes sound amazing at all times. Click here to learn more.

To view our full range of PS Audio products, please visit wordpress-dev4.co.uk, or for more information and advice, feel free to call us on 01484 538438, email us at [email protected], or visit us at:


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