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Introducing the PS Audio Sprout100 Amplifier


If you are looking for a straightforward, modern and intuitive sound system – the search is over.

The PS Audio Sprout100 Amplifier is designed to offer an elegant and simplistic audio source that is ideal for audiophiles who expect high-quality sound without any of the hassle. Offering aesthetic and acoustic appeal in equal measure, this heavily updated replacement for the original PS Audio Sprout model is certainly easy on both the eye and the ears.


A large part of Sprout100’s worldwide appeal is its interface, which is incredibly user friendly and perfect for either new or experienced users to adapt to. Unlike so many modern amplifiers, there are no display screens or never-ending menus to scroll through, just a direct hand-to-audio connection through two precision rotary switches.



This allows the user an intuitive and instant control of the device and seamless recognition when a command has been made. Indeed, the feedback on the PS Audio Sprout100 Amplifier is pretty much instantaneous, offering a simple affirmative click when a request is made before an immediate response is made to the volume or bass levels.


The Sprout100 is perfect for those seeking perfect sound without complication and targeted at users who simply wish to enjoy music and audio through an uncomplicated multimedia connection and a high-quality sound system.

Key playback features include a Phono preamplifier for vinyl, Bluetooth receiver for music streamed from Smartphones, a high-quality hi-res DAC to handle Laptop play, enough power for any speaker (double the output power of the original Sprout), and a redesigned headphone amp that can comfortably handle even the toughest loads.

These features combine to offer a truly complete music system that can be thoroughly enjoyed using nothing more than a pair of speakers or headphones, making it more simple than ever to connect with your music in the comfort of your own home.

PS Audio Sprout100

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