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MCRU No. 1 Mains Power Extension Hub – Schuko EU Sockets

  • Neotech gold plated Schuko plug
  • 5.5mm² cable conductor diameter
  • Silver plated internal rails
  • 4-6-8 way available
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Furutech FI-1363G Gold-Plated Mains Plug + Spade Plugs

  • No. 1 UK mains plug gold plated
  • Cryogenically treated
  • Supplied with Furutech gold plated spade plugs
  • The spades fit the plug clamps perfectly
  • Solder or crimp your chosen cable
  • Free metal polishing cloth
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Furutech FI-1363R NCF Mains Plug + Spade Plugs

  • The world's No.1 audiophile mains plug
  • NCF technology for optimum performance
  • Cryogenically treated
  • Supplied with matching terminal spade plugs
  • Free metal polishing cloth
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Martin Kaiser Australian Silver Plated Mains Plug

  • German Quality
  • Australian | NZ Plug
  • Silver plated including screws
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The Soundsmith Counter Intuitive (For VPI Tonearms)

A "must have" device for VPI owners who have dreamed of a way to easily adjust both tracking force and azimuth ~ without losing one setting while adjusting the other. We introduce the Soundsmith "Intuitive".
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Soundsmith Wood Headshell

Soundsmith's wood headshell features Azimuth adjustment, low mass (9.6 grams) and low resonance ~ insuring high mechanical energy transfer characteristics. Our new wooden Headshell is slowly machined from a specialty solid wood that features low weight and high strength for best cartridge performance. It is non-magnetic, and provides the highest energy transfer into your Tone Arm for best cartridge control and damping.
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Soundsmith Phono Preamps

An upgrade in quality does not have to deplete your wallet.
The Soundsmith MMP & MCP preamps are revolutionary designs for their price - and the comments Soundsmith get at each hi-fi show prove it. These preamps are what they use to demo their cartridges at all their shows even their high end cartridge designs - Each hand - made preamp circuit is housed in a high quality aluminum case, powered by an external DC power supply, with easy to set up instructions. All amplifiers have extremely accurate RIAA equalization response.
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Soundsmith EZ-Mount Cartridge Screws

Mounting a cartridge with only two hands is an exercise in frustration, something's always slipping, dropping or sliding. Another problem is when the mounting hardware is either too heavy or too light, forcing you to rummage through every drawer trying to find hardware that is just the right weight. SoundSmith to the rescue! The EZ-Mount screws allow you to easily reduce or increase the mass right at the headshell with a selection of materials from lightweight nylon to heavyweight brass. The EZ-Mount screws also can be slightly loosened allowing small movements of the cartridge during critical alignments.
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Isol-8 IsoLink Ultra Plus – UK Mains Cable

IsoLink cables are designed to perfectly complement all Isol-8's mains conditioning and distribution products, as well as for use in high quality custom installs. Offering excellent value and performance, they are an essential investment for any quality system.
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Synergistic Research HFT X – High Frequency Transducer – Box of 3

The Powerful HFT-X evolved from the desire to augment the already stunning sonic qualities of the original HFTs. You can raise the level of your systems performance in terms of detail and fine resolution and take the music out of your speakers by adding HFT-X to your rig. See set up guide.
HFT 2.0 Placement Guide HFT Speaker Placement Guide
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Linear Power Supply for CHORD Hugo TT2 DAC OFFER

£480.00 £384.00
  • 15V x 4 amps
  • Powers Chord Hugo TT2
  • Fully regulated design
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Soundsmith Irox Blue Unbreakable Cartridge

Unbreakable. Really. We wouldn't say it if it weren't true. The industry has long waited for an unbreakable cartridge solution that plays with outstanding authority. Wait no more. Soundsmith introduces two levels of performance in “unbreakable” designs. A perfect solution for heavy duty use, parties, institutions, and anywhere there is a potential handling issue or danger of misuse. Enter the IROX series. High and Ultra-high performance from a low mass moving iron design that will make you a believer. The Irox Blue  features a 2 year warranty to the original owner.
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Soundsmith Irox Ultimate Unbreakable Cartridge

Soundsmith's ultra-high performance "Unbreakable" cartridge - for those who demand excellent analog reproduction but desire a cartridge that will withstand rough handling without failure. Excellent for Libraries, Schools, Instititutional use, those with unsteady hand control, or turntables that will be used by children. Soundsmith advanced engineering brings you yet another first - uncompromising performance from a nearly indestructible cartridge.
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Soundsmith Norma Medium Output Fixed Coil Cartridge

Made in  the USA. The Norma features a 2 year warranty to the original owner. Medium output, otherwise identical to Aida; itself a triumph of Soundsmith Engineering, Stereophile Class “A” rated, a rarity at its price point – and for good reasons. The Aida employs a single crystal Ruby Cantilever and our Optimized Contour Line Contact Stylus; we did this to resolve the challenges of playing the inner grooves with the same level of confidence as the outer.
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Soundsmith Sotto Voce Medium Output Fixed Coil Cartridge

Each one hand crafted by Peter Ledermann - Made in  the USA. The Sotto Voce features a 2 year warranty to the original owner Medium output, otherwise identical to The Voice. Kudos, accolades and many “Product of the Year” awards. The pinnacle of High Output designs – from Soundsmith – of course. Sotto Voce is their special medium output version.  
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Soundsmith Nautilus MKll Medium Output Fixed Coil Cartridge

"The Mezzo and the Nautilus can perform this sonic magic of sounding lifelike and with the exact intentions of the musician, whether it’s played in the concert hall, in the studio, or on electronic hardware and software. Both these cartridges made each record sound like the best sounding record I've ever heard. That is, until I played the next record.” - Tom Lyle, Enjoy The Music
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The products every hi-fi enthusiast and Audiophile should own.
  • Cable Off The Reel

Black Ravioli Black Hole Signal Modules

Single unit hard wired for vertical or horizontal application close to equipment. USB A, RCA, 6mm Spade, 4mm plug with 320mm lead or HDMI with 800mm lead. Eflos Capacity Rating: 1 Dimensions: 114x55x55mm Weight: 0.4kg Made in Scotland
For an overview of what the Black Hole Concept can achieve: click here
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Critical Mass Systems Center Stage2 Footers

  • CMS (Critical Mass Systems) are widely regarded as the "best" equipment racks available. These are the Rolls Royce of equipment supports. Extremely effective and a must audition product. Able to re-define what was thought possible from a hifi support/isolation device. This is why companies like Soulution fit them under their equipment as standard.
  • Review here 
  • The footers are priced EACH
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Furutech NCF Booster

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MCRU £10 DIY Mains Lead Set

Rated 4.50 out of 5
  • German cable with 2.5mm sq conductors
  • UK mains plug silver plated fuse
  • German IEC connector
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MCRU No.1 DIY Mains Lead Set

MCRU No.1 DIY Mains Lead Set

Rated 5.00 out of 5
  • Lapp Olflex Classic 2.5mm Cable
  • Silver Plated MCRU Ref. IEC
  • Silver Plated MK Toughplug
  • Silver Plated Crimp Sleeves
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MCRU Ref. IEC + Mains Plug Set

  • Silver plated throughout
  • Plug includes 13A fuse
  • Just add cable
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Tellurium Q Black II Speaker Cables

Rated 5.00 out of 5
  • Black II now available
Standard Length: 1 Metre Stereo Pair
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The MCRU Ultimate Mains Lead DIY Termination Kit

This set consists of what we consider the very best termination kit for your power lead, whether making a new power lead or re-terminating your existing cable this combination will bring out the very best performance.
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