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Powering Quality Sound: PS Audio Directstream P20 Power Plant

We’ve talked about this many times before, but when it comes to getting the best out of any HiFi system and achieving audiophile quality sound, a high-quality power supply is essential. Even the most expensive power cables are practically worthless without the power supply to match. Whilst a couple of decades ago it was widely accepted that any old power supply would be fit for purpose with all HiFi components, HiFi companies and sound system enthusiasts now have a much better understanding of just how important power output is to generate quality sound.

Let’s look at a market leading audiophile power plant:

PS Audio Directstream P20 Power Plant

PS Audio are one company committed to creating high-end power sources. Their Directstream P20 power plant is probably the most advanced power generating station in the world. With the capabilities to power any size HiFi system using pure sine wave power, generated internally by a completely analogue power amp, the P20 ensures that all features of your HiFi will shine to their full potential, consistently giving the same excellent performance.

Why we need the Directstream P20

Generally speaking, the AC power provided to our homes from the national grid is far from perfect. With developing technology meaning that more and more electrical devices requiring mains supply are used, the power available to us is actually getting worse in quality. This has an effect on the audio quality in even the most high-end HiFi systems. This is where a power regenerator such as the PS Audio Directstream P20 comes in.

The P20 takes incoming AC power from your mains supply and converts it to DC power. It can then use PS Audio patented technology to regenerate the DC to produce sine-wave-perfect, distortion-free, high current AC power. In this process, any issues that may have resulted from your mains supply are wiped out – for example, any distortion or low voltage is no more. Providing the rest of your sound system is high end, you are guaranteed extremely high calibre sound.

Aside from its key purpose of generating a consistently clean power supply, this unit is also completely packed with special features. For more technical information, visit the MCRU website, call us on 01484 538438, or better still, visit our store for a demonstration of the PS Audio Directstream P20 power plant.