European Customers

After December 31st 2020 customers in the European Union will no longer pay VAT on their orders. Please be aware that each European country will charge their VAT rate upon import of goods as it arrives in their country.

Over Seas Customers

If you reside outside of the uk pleases register with our website. Registration only takes a few minutes, you will also be eligible to receive special offers and occasional discounts.

Once registered and logged in, prices displayed will not contain uk mainland valued added tax if you are outside the EU, examples include Australia, South America, North America, Russia, New Zealand, India etc.

Shipping costs will also be relevent to your country. We try to be as fair as possible with international shipping charges, occasionally we get it wrong so do tell us if you are not happy.

Please be aware of your countries import duties as we do not pay them for you or declare your goods to be lower in value than they are.