Do you send out loan or dem cables?

We believe in our range of cables so much we offer 30 days to decide if the cables are for you, purchase and keep for 30 days, if not suitable send them back for a no quibble refund.

Are fuses directional?

Fit the fuse and listen for 10 minutes, turn it around and listen again. If you can hear a difference keep the configuration that sounds best.

The length of cable I need is not listed on your website.

We construct most cables to order so longer or shorter lengths can easily be accommodated just e-mail your requirements.

I need some advice on a dedicated mains spur for my hifi system.

MCRU can only advise on the cable to use and the wall sockets, we cannot offer electrical advice, please consult a qualified electrician who can advise on the best configuration to suit your house.