About Us

MCRU are based in Elland, West Yorkshire, less than 2 minutes from the M62. The owners are David + Joanne Brook, David has spent over 30 years as an audiophile and music lover, many years spent tinkering with his Hi-Fi and an obsession with cables led to the formation of Mains Cables R Us 7 years ago, now known as MCRU. Many visitors to our website probably do not even know we have listening rooms and 2 top flight systems on permanent demonstration including the Clearaudio Master Innovation turntable. From our humble beginnings in 2008 we have grown to such an extent that we represent some of the world’s foremost Hi-Fi accessory brands, you will find Clearaudio’s turntables and phono stages as well as Furutech, IsoTek, Tellurium Q, Oyaide and much more. It may come as a surprise to many audiophiles that we are the UK’s top sales outlet for many of these brands as we pride ourselves on impeccable service levels and free impartial advice.

The brands we carry include Furutech | Clearaudio | Musical Surroundings | IsoTek | Black Rhodium | MoFi | Nagaoka | Tellurium Q | Hana | MS HD Power | Longdog Audio | AMR | Melco | Exogal | Lumin | IeGo

MCRU Demo Room