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Ex-Dem MCRU “The First” Mains Power Lead

Original price was: £995.00.Current price is: £840.00.
2 x ex-dem cables both 1.2 metres long
FI-50 NCF IEC fitted
No other offers apply or can be used HiFi Pig review.
HiFi + review
The First is thus named because it should be the 1st cable in your hifi system and start at the beginning of the powering of it. The most important cable in any hifi system is the one powering your mains conditioner / regenerator/extension block (if it has a dedicated iec inlet) from the mains wall socket. In order to get the best possible sound quality from any hifi system The First mains power cable should be used as it will provide the best possible mains feed to your chosen conditioner/extension block. The First is available with various terminations to suit your chosen budget, the cable and shielding/screening is the same throughout the range.

Fig.8 DIY Connector

1000's sold, in-expensive way to turn your power lead into a fig.8 termination, requires soldering skills. We provide a short length of solder and a piece of heatshrink with each connector.

Fig.8 Mains Power Lead for Sky HD & Blu Ray

Fits any equipment with a Fig.8 inlet such as Sky boxes, Freeview Receivers, Blu-Ray players and many more hi-fi and home cinema items. NOW UP-GRADED WITH FILTERED MAINS PLUG Standard Cable Length is: 1 Metre

FULLY REGULATED Linear Power Supply for Chord Hugo M Scaler


Furutech Fig.8 Mains Power Lead, 1.5 Metres

# Furutech Silver Plated Cable # FI-1363 Gold Plated Plug # FI-8N Gold Plated Fig.8 # IEC available on request

Gold Plated Z-Plugs

MCRU gold plated speaker cable z-plugs, 4mm to fit bfa sockets and speaker binding posts etc. Can be soldered or crimped. The plugs are priced individually.

Linear Power Supply for EAT E-Glo Petit Phono Stage

  • Powers the new  EAT E-Glo Petit
  • 18V DC input
  • Up-grade options
  • Grounding cable built in

Linear Power Supply for Pro-Ject Signature 10 Turntable

  • Powers any Pro-Ject deck that needs 16V DC
  • Award winning design
  • Up-grade options

Linear Power Supply for Arcam iRDAC II + rPlay

  • Fully regulated design
  • 12V DC input
  • Award winning design