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Russell K Black 50 Loudspeakers

The BLACK 50 maybe the smallest speaker in the Russell K range but what it gives up in size it makes up for with possibly the biggest musical heart of them all! The Black 50s offer extremely low colouration while exhibiting superb stereo imaging, timing and real energy to the overall musical picture.
Quite possibly the BEST stand-mount loudspeakers below £1500! (only equalled by the RED 50s - they are the same speaker but in a premium wood finish)
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Russell K RED 100 Loudspeakers

MCRU will simply say if your room utilizes standmount loudspeakers you need to hear these.
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Russell K RED 50 Loudspeakers

Loudspeakers come in all shapes and sizes. The RED 50 is a small box with a big sound and redefines what a small stand mount can do.
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Russell K RED120 Loudspeakers

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Russell K RED150 Loudspeakers

  • Build upon the RED 50 and RED 100
  • Floorstanding design
  • On demo at MCRU
  • Available in variety of finishes
  • Review here
  • Hi-Fi+ review here
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