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MINT CONDITION WITH ALL ORIGINAL PACKAGING THE ONE FOR SALE IS BLACK APPROX. 12 MONTHS OLD £11,695 LIST PRICE WHEN NEW What happens when phenomenal power meets refined delicacy?..... This. Imagine the raw, thundering power of the Niagara Falls. Then picture the intricate delicacy of a single snowflake. Takes quite a jump in perception, no? For the D200i it’s a breeze. Designed to balance phenomenal strength with elegant finesse as effortlessly as does nature, this stereo power amp packs the most erudite of punches – like having your socks blown off with aerodynamic precision. When it comes to rhythm it’s as sure-footed as a racehorse, and quick as a cheetah on the attack when needed. But give it a chilled-out track and see how effortlessly it kicks back and goes with the flow. Authoritative and yielding. Relaxed and meticulous. These things shouldn’t go together. But do.
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