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Acoustical Systems – Titanium SMART Screws

These titanium SMART screws are corrosion-resistant which can withstand salt water, acids, and chemicals. They have a high strength-to-weight ratio and are about 40% lighter than steel screws.

Acoustical Systems Fideles Cartridge

If you want the ultimate MM cartridge this could be it. 5.5mV output so no step up transformer required.

Acoustical Systems HELOX Reflex Record Clamp

The HELOX reflex record clamp - creating an unique contact between record and platter surface. Providing a sonically outstanding step forward with ANY turntable. High contact pressure combined with the all-new concept of a liquid dampening clamp

Acoustical Systems The SMARTractor Phono Alignment Tool

For the serious audiophile who is interested in aligning - if only periodically -their analogue front-end to the utmost precision does look for precision which comes handy and which is easy to operate. To answer this request we have designed the SMARTractor - a direct off-spring of our UNI-Protractor. The SMARTractor brings the same unparalleled precise tangential alignment for which the UNI-Protractor earned it’s laurels - PLUS the 0.05mm precise mounting distance measurement of the UNI-P2S.